Monday, February 4, 2013

Yes, this blog still exists.

Annnnd.... I'm back from a much needed blog-break which consisted of some major wedding planning, crazy work-outs (I have a fitting on Friday...yikes!) and more wedding planning.  I'm looking at about 2.5 months until "I Do" and as I continue to check of item after item, my list seems to grow.  Funny how that happens, eh?
As I mentioned to ya'll forever ago, when I wrote my last post, I'm leaning towards a green motif in the kitchen.  I think green, black and white are so classic when paired together and I'm getting super pumped just thinking of these design boards becoming a reality one day.  Now when I say one day, I'm talking to you in a dream-like state because the FiancĂ© isn't too keen on opening up his wallet right after the wedding.  He's such a bummer sometimes;)
Ok, so this is a super simple vision of what I have stewing around in my mind.  I'm thinking a dash a greek key, a dollop of black and copper lighting, and I'm going to cover my precious Louis lovelies in a black and white buffalo check.  The constance side chairs are a Ballard Design must-buy and I'm thinking that those will be purchased soon and become black as well.  The paint, Benjamin Moore's Dill Weed (481), will be slathered all over the kitchen walls next week and I think seeing the color in the room will jump start this transformation quicker than I can afford.  But the way I see it, once my kitchen is beautifully put together, I won't need money.  I'll just sit at the table in pure bliss...for free.
 Forgive me y'all, but I'll need your patience as I endure another blog hiatus.  I'll be back on Friday, however with some wedding updates!

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