Monday, February 4, 2013

Yes, this blog still exists.

Annnnd.... I'm back from a much needed blog-break which consisted of some major wedding planning, crazy work-outs (I have a fitting on Friday...yikes!) and more wedding planning.  I'm looking at about 2.5 months until "I Do" and as I continue to check of item after item, my list seems to grow.  Funny how that happens, eh?
As I mentioned to ya'll forever ago, when I wrote my last post, I'm leaning towards a green motif in the kitchen.  I think green, black and white are so classic when paired together and I'm getting super pumped just thinking of these design boards becoming a reality one day.  Now when I say one day, I'm talking to you in a dream-like state because the FiancĂ© isn't too keen on opening up his wallet right after the wedding.  He's such a bummer sometimes;)
Ok, so this is a super simple vision of what I have stewing around in my mind.  I'm thinking a dash a greek key, a dollop of black and copper lighting, and I'm going to cover my precious Louis lovelies in a black and white buffalo check.  The constance side chairs are a Ballard Design must-buy and I'm thinking that those will be purchased soon and become black as well.  The paint, Benjamin Moore's Dill Weed (481), will be slathered all over the kitchen walls next week and I think seeing the color in the room will jump start this transformation quicker than I can afford.  But the way I see it, once my kitchen is beautifully put together, I won't need money.  I'll just sit at the table in pure bliss...for free.
 Forgive me y'all, but I'll need your patience as I endure another blog hiatus.  I'll be back on Friday, however with some wedding updates!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The kitchen.

I know, I know, you're probably wondering what happened to all the plans I had for my living room...right?  Those plans are still there, but in the meantime I want to get a jumpstart on what's to come in the kitchen.  My goal is to paint prior to moving in, which will take place in just about 2 months, and then I'll save all the decorating, renovations, and remodels for married life.


This was my original wedding pallette, until I decided to add in a splash of navy.  I'm don't know about you, but white, black and green just screams classic and crisp.  I'm not sure there is one thing about this kitchen that I don't like.  I'm dying over the greek key table runner and that table lighting?  Good Lord, I'm in love.  I'm still on a mission to find this Benjamin Moore Paint Color but I'm thinking I'll want to go towards a pistachio-ish hue.

Any suggestions?!?

Monday, January 7, 2013

and the list goes on.

Since becoming engaged in October, I have diligently been making my list and checking it twice.  I was able to make major headway throughout the first two months, but now I feel as though I've plateaued.  Majorly.  The big ticket items seemed to come together quickly, but these details are the pits!  Every decision seems to come paired with a hefty price tag and our bottom line is continuing to grow exponentially.  Don't worry, I'm still having a lot of fun, I just feel like my to-do list is never going to end!  But the crazy thing's going to end in less than 4 months.  Yikes;)

Set a date
Book venue
Book photographer
Book band
Music selections to band and ceremony artist
Ask bridal party to be in wedding
Book caterer & bar 
Register (almost done!)
Book florist
Buy wedding dress
Book ceremony musician
Select bridesmaid dresses
Select and order groom & groomsmen attire
Purchase veil – Mom’s
Alter veil to remove “hat”
Book cake baker – Whole Foods
Buy cake knife & server
Order save the dates
Finalize guest list
Send save the dates
Book pastor-
Pre-marital counseling – 3 sessions
Hotel room blocks -
Find wedding shoes
Find wedding jewelry
Find garter – Mom to make
Book makeup artist & hair stylist
Menu tasting
Take bridal portraits
Dress Measurements
1st dress fitting
2nd dress fitting
Order ceremony programs
Order invitations
Mail invitations
Book rehearsal dinner venue
Rehearsal Dinner invitations
Buy Rehearsal Dinner dress
Book transportation for bridal party from church to reception
Order monogrammed cocktail napkins
Buy bridal party gifts
Bachelorette party scheduled
Bridal luncheon
Purchase wedding bands
Put together picture list for photographer
Get marriage license
Book transportation from reception to hotel
Book honeymoon
Get passport
Book wedding night hotel room
Order thank you notes
Book Friday Nail Appointment with Bridal Party
Assign someone to pick dress up at hotel

My focus for this week is to finalize honeymoon plans, submit invitation wording for print set-up and book our bridal party transportation.  My stress level is rising just a tad but the excitement of my dress' arrival this month is keeping me cool, calm & super excited.  AND, to top it all off, our first engagement party is two weeks away and I can't wait to par-tay!

I'll leave you lovelies with some images that make me feel girly, giddy & super pumped to be getting hitched!

 all via Style Me Pretty

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So much to do, So little time.

No chicken tenders.  That's my 2013 New Year's resolution.  It may seem ridiculous, but that is going to be a struggle for me, but one that I believe will pay off big time.  I love chicken tenders, i.e. I eat way too much fried food and with a wedding less than 4 months away, it's time I walk away from one of my favorite meals.  Along with this daunting task in the New Year, I'm also giving myself monthly to-do lists to keep me on track and ensure that my upcoming nuptials go off without a hitch;)

January's "Must Get Done"
Book Honeymoon
Purchase wedding bands (for me and him)
Find wedding party transportation from ceremony site to reception
Initial cake tasting
Follow-up with florist
So that's not too bad, right?  I have 30 days to get this stuff knocked out while working 5 days a week, enjoying our first engagement party and celebrating a total cutie turning 3.  And when I become stressed out, I can't turn to a chicken tender.  Oh boy.  I'll just keep reminding myself that I can do this.  I can do this.
And on a side note, please check out one of my favorite blogs from 2012 (and of course it will continue to be one of my favs in 2013).  Lindsay from sadie + stella is passionate about all things beautiful with an impeccable eye for style; my kind of girl!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bedroom Blues.

Even though the living room sits quite unfinished and unattended to at the moment, my mind is racing and recently took a few leaps back to the master bedroom.  Navy is my go-to.  The color is classic, timeless, chic and pairs well with everything.  I'm thinking I'm going to splash most of the bedroom in this hue and then sprinkle a bit of neutral throughout.  At first glance my plan may not appear very feminine, but a.) I'm starting to design with a person of the opposite sex in mind and b.) I tend to gravitate towards a darker palette for the boudoir and shy away from the light, bright and airy.  To me, the darker tones scream quiet, cozy and intimate and I dont' know about you, but those three words sum up a bedroom perfectly.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a nickel for your thoughts.

Seeing as though we are knee deep in wedding planning, which is a bit costly, most of the updates and redesign work that The FiancĂ©  and I want to do are on hold until we return from our honeymoon.  Having said that, there are a few little improvements here and there that don't cost much, if anything at all, and changing out the outlet switch plates is one of them.  His house, like most, is currently all dolled up with those ugly, plastic, manilla-colored face plates that just scream dowdiness, ugliness and yuck.  Sorry, that was harsh.  But true.

Sooooo, we're moving on up you guys and replacing the plastic nightmares with these bad boys.
These nickel switch plates from Lowes are going to look diiii-vine against our recently painted Kendall Charcoal living room and I'm convinced that this small touch of metal is just the trick to help make the house feel young and vibrant.  I was unsuccessful at finding any examples of rooms with nickel switch plates, so you'll have to wait in anticipation for the reveal (which will hopefully take place this weekend if I can convince a certain someone of why it needs to be done before Christmas).
Have any of you updated your home with metal switch plates?  I'd love to hear your feedback!

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's our time to shine.

Everyone is talking about adding a little sparkle to their life and frankly, I love it!  Whether it's holiday party attire or home decor, sequins, metallics and jewels are on everybody's radar.  And why shouldn't they be?  We all deserve to sparkle & shine:)


Happy Monday my loves!