Sunday, September 23, 2012

Budget Smudget

Let's be honest folks, as an upper twenty-something girl in her fourth job since college graduation, I'm not exactly making the big bucks.  Even though I am the definition of champagne taste on a beer budget, I am also living proof that a beer budget can create beautiful spaces and when done right, look super expensive.  I recently put myself on a very strict monthly budget, which simply put means 1.) no random trips to Target 2.) no impulse Craigslist buys, and 3.) no Starbucks.  As the first 30 days come to a close, I must say it wasn't as dreadful as it seemed back on September 1.  So, in honor of my thrifty ways, take a look at some "look for less" design pieces that would make any big spender j-e-a-l-o-u-s.

World Market - $29.00

Kartell - $149

Pottery Barn - $899

West Elm - $32

Ballard Designs - $1,149

Shades of Light, 8x11 - $629
I like this one better!

I leave you guys with a room I recently started for a friend of mine.  I'll include item links later this week.  Sweet dreams, friends!

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