Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's my living room and I'll change it if I want to

Ok, ya'll, I've changed my mind.  During my lunch break today, which consisted of leftovers and RONJ (aka Real Housewives of New Jersey for any of you that need to get with it) I hopped online to order my fabric swatches.  Before checking out, I couldn't resist a little last minute peek around Calico Corners and discovered a handful of new prints that totally trump my current cart selections.

So I've totally nixed the strawberry buffalo check.
First of all, I somehow completely forgot that we have a custom chair coming in and it's kiwi.  You heard me, kiwi.  The Boyfriend chose the fabric and the color, and I continue to applaud his efforts and sing his praises.  The boy's got taste.  The color is quite similar to the swatch above and I don't know about you, but navy and kiwi is quite the sophisticated palette.

Second of all, this color combination is more me.  Sometimes I like to hop outside of the box and pick things I normally wouldn't choose, like strawberry buffalo check.  But let's be honest, I'll have to live with these choices for a while and I don't want to be too extreme and wake up with decorator's remorse.  

 This mix of colors is screaming for one additional colorful companion, but for now I'm going to walk away satisfied.  

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