Thursday, September 27, 2012

Starting From Scratch

It's about to get really real around here.  Behold: The Boyfriend's living room in all its glory.  Although we have a long way to go, the potential is certainly there and those hardwood floors that were hiding under a house full of carpet definitely started us off on the right foot.

There is A LOT that we need to accomplish before we host our first soiree, but there are a few changes that will be happening sooner rather than later.

1.  Throw some paint on those walls
2. Dress up the front window with floor length drapes
3. Accessorize the couch (aka fancy schmancy pillows)
4. Replace the coffee table

I know what you're thinking, because you're not the first to think it.  Yes, we still have a strip of carpet left on the floor.  The mega-heavy armoire (that's finding a new home soon) and the TV were too heavy to move the day we tore up the carpet.  Just remember, this is a work in progress.

 We will be reusing the pillow forms from these lovely pillows that were in a former house of mine.  And there's my bergere chair in the left corner.  Reupholstering is going to do wonders for that piece...once it's in the budget.

Now that you've seen the goods, take a look at what I've got cooking.

Paint Color:

This gray is so smokey and crisp paired with white

The shade appears much lighter in this family room, but it could be the lighting?


Attempt No. 1
I chose navy and coral as my initial color combination to help brighten up our gray paint color and white trim.  Calico Corners in Richmond, VA is one of my favorite resources for great prints and because I couldn't get to the store in person, I picked my favorites out online.  After ordering the swatches and seeing the colors in person, I was really disappointed.  The pink bamboo print was much more orange in person and the ivory in the ikat had a yellow, almost antique look to it.  Major disappointment.  All was not lost, however, because I loved the blue and white stripe!  I decided to start over (sigh) and start from scratch!

Attempt No. 2
I haven't seen the swatches in person yet, but I'm already more excited about my new choices.  What do you think?!  

There is sure to be another color and pattern tossed in at some point and a custom chair is scheduled to arrive any day now.  Big things are happening.  Slowly.  But they're happening.

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