Thursday, November 1, 2012

"I Do" Thursday

Since the initial squabbles, aka lover's quarrel, aka one big ole argument regarding our ever-growing guest list, The Fiancé and I have had zero arugements concerning the wedding.  Knock on wood.  Plans are falling into place, swimmingly I may add, and my to-do list continues to get shorter and shorter. 

Select a Date
Pick a Ceremony & Reception Venue
Book the wedding band
Buy a dress- which I love, love, love!
Choose our photographer
Schedule initial floral appointment
Ask bridal party
Select table runner & other reception decor items
Choose flowers for bouquet and centerpieces
Check, check, check!  I don't know about you, but crossing off items on a list is one of my favorite things to do.  It makes me feel productive, relieved and stress-free.  Yes, I am placing "wedding planning" and "stress-free" in the same post - crazy, ey?  I'm having a ton of fun as images in my head are coming to life and the process is that much sweeter with my mom by my side.  I lucked out, ya'll.  My mom knows what's hip, what looks good on me and I trust her to make decisions for me when I'm not around. 
Ok, so since the last time we chatted about nuptials, I've made some major changes to my decor choices.

I've strayed away from black/white/green after seeing this gorgeous navy and white damask fabric.  Navy is definitely my all-time, number 1 go-to color when it comes to decorating and dressing myself, plus its totally classic & timeless.  And that's me, that's my style summed up to perfection.
I've decided to incorporate green in my floral arrangements and bridemaid's bouquet's, and will be using this awesome wedding as my inspiration.

No, we're not getting married in a cute white chapel and we won't be holding our reception outside, but the colors are breathtaking and the flowers are exactly what I've pictured in my head.  Mix in some damask print, a little seersucker (yes I did my research and seersucker is allowed after Easter) and my handsome groom in a crisp black tux, and boy oh boy am I getting excited!

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