Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Project.

O-M-G.  I found me some tufts...on accident.  I spent a good portion of my Saturday afternoon beginning my bergere makeover and the process was oh so sweet.  Ok, it was sweet because I treated myself to a couple glasses of cabernet and mini reeces peanut butter cups, but mostly sweet from the unexpected surprise that had been waiting patiently for over a year.

I started with these lovely bones from Craigslist.

I stripped it naked.  And then got to work.

Ummm, why on earth would any sane, intelligent person ignore those tufts?!  Honestly, is this chair not in incredible condition?  The more layers I peeled away and the more tacks I ripped out, the more I fell in love with this chair.  The construction is perfect, the quality of the wood is out of this world, and the tufts are so incredibly symmetrical I could die!  As I worked away I just kept thinking about the poor soul on Craigslist who let this lil gem get away.  Alright alright, let's be honest - I didn't feel sorry for him for very long.  One man's trash is another man's treasure, ey?

So I knew I wanted to paint the wood.  I love the look of white wood on vintage french chairs and considering how absolutely in love I am with our fresh gray paint and white trim pairing, I knew the crisp neutral hue would really pop in the living room!  
You would think two coats would be enough, right?  Wrong.

The chair has a ton of character, aka lots of small nooks & crannies that I couldn't reach with my paintbrush, so I decided I needed a third coat.  I threw in a little more elbow grease with the help of a craft sponge and all the imperfections seemed to instantly disappear.  Although the white is finally up to my standards, I do love the look of wear and tear.  I'm thinking I may do a little sanding to show the piece's age and help facilitate the illusion of a real vintage find.

As I wrap up my portion of the renovations, I know Mr. Upholster is anxiously awaiting my phone call.      So what's the hold up?  Per usual, I'm still laboring over my fabric selections.  

Sophisticated canopy stripes

 Or classic damask

I'm leaning towards the damask since I've already selected two geometric patterns for pillows, and the stripes may turnout to be angle overkill.  I have given myself a drop dead date for selecting the fabric and guys, time is ticking.  

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