Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monogram Madness.

Last night I was presented with quite a surprise.  Once I tell you what it is you probably won't be "wowed", but trust me this was a shocker.  Other than our engagement, The Fiancé hasn't pulled off too many surprises and I'm pretty OK with that.  Don't get me wrong, I love everything he's ever given me but the gifts normally coincide with an event like Christmas or my birthday.  Last night, however, was just a pure surprise. 

Are you ready for this...are you sure you're ready?  Last night, my thoughtful and oh so sweet Fiancé presented me with my very own American Express 2013 Day Planner.  Before I continue, I'll let you bend down and pick your jaw up off the ground....haha, I kid.  Now I did need a planner, so it was a wonderful little gift, but the best part of the surprise was the tiny little monogram in the bottom right hand corner: KWW, my soon-to-be new initials!  The free gift was a token of appreciation from AE for his generous spending throughout the year, but the monogram was an extra 5 bucks.  I got myself a keeper and a big spender;)  According to him, he ordered this before the proposal and thought I'd enjoy using it for engagement parties and wedding plans. 

So in the spirit of my soon-to-be new initials, I'm currently coveting all things monogrammed.  I've had my eye on a necklace for some time but didn't want to take the plunge on the purchase with hopes that I'd soon be engaged.  Well folks, the time has come, the diamond is on my finger, and although I'll have to wait to use anything "KWW" until after April 20, 2013, I'm dying over my latest monogrammed finds.

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