Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tickled Gray.

I could scream and jump up and down with glee.  Well, actually I've already done that.  Multiple times.  The living room/hall is 50% complete with the prettiest shade of gray I've ever seen and I'm dying.  I'm dying over the combination of the paint and our crisp white trim.  I'm dying over the deep, rich tone and I'm dyyying over how perfect my fabrics look next to the new hue.  If I'm behaving like this now, how am I going to control myself when it's complete?!?

As you may remember...

I know, I know, these pictures aren't showstoppers.  But c'mon, this is progress people!

Bet you didn't think you were going to get a glimpse of the infamous Fiancé, did you?  He was very excited about his cameo and decided to try out his "model face".

Project Paint Living Room will be complete tomorrow so check back on Monday for the finished product.  Hope you guys are headed into a long Veterans' Day Weekend like myself...ciao!

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