Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rule Breaker.

So normally I put myself on a personal spending freeze throughout the months of November & December and only buy Christmas gifts for others.  It never feels right to buy something for myself before I've taken care of all my favorite people and even though the rule is super hard, it's rewarding.  But this year, I did a bad thing.  I broke down, broke my own rule and purchased some things that I needed.  Yes, needed;)

I'm a strong believer that a room really doesn't start to come alive until you dress up your walls.  Be it art, pictures, mirrors or even a clock, an adorned wall is a happy wall.  Insert: a trip to Target.

picture frames do wonders for a space.  don't worry, I'll throw some familiar faces in at some point.

Let's be honest, my crush on all things bamboo is no surprise to my readers.  Although I'm still on the hunt for my chinese chippendale chairs, I'm getting really good at collecting accent pieces that promote a hint of chinoiserie but don't come off as asian overkill.  

Great Find Alert: love, love, love my new faux bamboo lamp from class & trash in Richmond.  I'm undecided on where I should place my nate burkes urchin, but boy am I swooning.

my little pup couldn't resist a photo op!

The remainder of my week is filled with work, meetings & shopping for the little girl I chose from our local Angel Tree.  Be good my loves:)

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