Friday, October 5, 2012

Working for (and during) the Weekend

I hope with all my might that you guys have a 3-day weekend coming up because it sure is a fantastic feeling!  I love a good federal holiday and I love, even more, that I leave for San Diego in 6 days!  With an extra day of rest and relaxation this weekend and my upcoming travels nearing, here's what I've got on the radar:

First, I've got a hot Friday date planned that consists of heading to Lowe's to scour the paint aisle and either confirm or deny Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal for the living room.  

Secondly, The Boyfriend and I will make our way to Whitley Gallery to pick up our custom chair (insert loud, excited squeal) and play around with furniture arrangements.  Alright, let's be real: I'll play with furniture arrangements and The Boyfriend will look on annoyed while he watches football. 

Lastly, I'll attempt to make a dent in cleaning The Boyfriend's third bedroom (a.k.a. Jack's room).  Jack is a 60 pound lab/hound mix who I love dearly.  However, I have to remind myself of that love on a daily basis as he enjoys shedding his coat throughout every inch of the house.

I'll mix in a tailgate session and some football, lunch with the brother and lots of Bravo TV.  I don't know about you, but this sure is shaping up to be quite the weekend.  How about we kick it off with a little luxe and rooms that are crazy-gorgeous?  Yes please!  

Happy Friday!!!

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